Making a Statement with Masonry Fireplaces: Design Trends and Considerations

Making a Statement with Masonry Fireplaces: Design Trends and Considerations

Making a Statement with Masonry Fireplaces: Design Trends and Considerations 150 150 admin

Christian Construction is Staten Island’s favorite masonry contractor. Our masonry work can be seen with homeowners all throughout New York City, creating architectural and structural changes inside and outside of the home.

Masonry fireplaces are especially popular. We have built beautiful brick fireplaces and stone fireplaces for properties all over the island, and these fireplaces have withstood the tests of time. But if you’re looking for one of these fireplaces, what should you consider to help you make your decision?

Types of Materials

In theory, almost any masonry material could be used to create one of these fireplaces. But the most common materials that are likely to find include:

  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Granite
  • Traditional or Painted Brick

We can show you some examples of what these types of fireplaces look like. Limestone offers some cool light tan colors that people enjoy. Granite opens the door for fascinating colors. Sandstone has a bit of a classic rigidity to it that people enjoy.

Current Design Trends

Masonry fireplaces have a bit of a classic look to them, so in theory you do not need to change much if you’re looking for this classic or rustic style. But some people are looking to take advantage of the longevity of this type of fireplace but also make it more modern and interesting. To do this, you may want to consider some of the ways that people are modernizing their fireplaces. These include:

  • Bold Colors – For many homes, a bold color fireplace makes it the statement piece that a lot of rooms are looking for. Since many people paint their properties white now, it helps to have something colorful or vibrant to capture attention. Many people choose to have their fireplace play that role.
  • Accent Colors – Metal accents, like gold accents, are also very popular for modernizing these types of fireplaces. Adding metal accents can transform a simple fireplace into one that is much more modern, especially for homes that enjoy MCM style homes.
  • Patterns – Like bold colors, patterning your fireplace makes it more visually interesting than the fireplaces of the past. Incorporating different materials or colors can enhance a space and help make the fireplace much more fashionable.

What we often recommend, however, is that you focus less on the design trends and more on what YOU love. If you’re only upgrading your fireplace for property value, then you’re probably going to be disappointed, as there is no way to know what people will be looking for in 10, 20 years when you sell your home. But if you upgrade your fireplace based on what you love, then you’ll be happy with it every day, and in the end that is what matters most.

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