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Christian Construction is the Best Staten Island Roofing Company,
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Staten Island experiences unique weather patterns that are going to put your roof to the test. You need a Staten Island roofing company you can trust to install, repair, clean, and otherwise maintain your roof in ways that will help you withstand the freezing cold, heavy rains, and humid heat that we experience all throughout the year. 

Christian Construction, an established roofing company in Staten Island, offers a complete suite of roofing services for both residential and commercial customers in NYC and parts of NJ. With over 20 years of local experience, we’re the trusted choice for roofing needs in the community.

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Our SI Roofing Services

At Christian Construction, we’re committed to delivering the best possible roofing services, backed by our deep community ties and dedication to quality. We cater to all roofing needs, big or small, with a focus on providing the best products and services at competitive prices. 

Our comprehensive roofing services include:

Roof Maintenance

We offer regular roof maintenance and cleaning to ensure your roof remains in excellent condition, prolonging its lifespan and functionality. Our roof maintenance services can be scheduled regularly or one time when you need some roofing support.

Roof Inspections

Our team conducts thorough roof inspections, identifying and resolving any issues to maintain the integrity of your roof. Our roof inspections in NYC help to spot problems long before they become a more expensive, potentially damaging issue.

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a roof extends its life and also prevents pest infestations, smells, and significant rain/snow related damages. Our roof cleaning can be combined with inspection to ensure that your roof is in the best shape it can be after we’re done.

Gutter Cleaning

Your gutter has a direct impact on your roof, which is why it is important to receive regular gutter cleaning as a part of any roofing service. You should be cleaning your gutter twice a year, and you can combine that with roof cleaning for more efficient services.

Commercial Roofing

We also specialize in commercial roofing, offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. If you need commercial roofing in Staten Island, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss the project and its requirements.

Christian Construction is not just about roofing; we’re a full-service contractor proficient in siding, windows, kitchen remodels, gutter cleaning, bathroom renovations, and much more. This holistic approach ensures the highest standards of accountability and quality in every project we undertake.

Why Choose Christian Construction for Roofing?

It is often difficult for homeowners and property managers to tell the difference between roofing companies. Anyone can say they are a roofer, but roofing is a typically one-and-done industry. Christian Construction is different. We start by offering all the basics:

Top-Quality Roofing Products

We have access to the best roofing materials in the industry, ensuring that every roof we install or repair is of the highest standard.

Skilled, Dedicated Team

Every roofer on our staff specializes exclusively in roofing. We don’t subcontract, which means our in-house team is fully accountable for the quality of work on every project.

Rich Experience

With extensive experience in the field, our team brings a level of craftsmanship and knowledge that is unparalleled, ensuring excellence in every task.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing, but not at the cost of quality. Our clients receive the best value for their investment, with work that stands the test of time.

We can essentially guarantee that you’ve seen our work across New York City, especially here in Staten Island, without realizing it. We’ve been offering roof services for years with a team that is established and highly skilled in roof installation and repair.

But we are also able to offer more than that, and this is how we’re truly different: Unlike many roofing-only companies, Christian Construction offers a wide array of services including siding, masonry, house painting, kitchen and bathroom renovations, and more.

This diversity in services fosters a culture of accountability – we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, not just one-time transactions. You can trust that we’ll do an amazing job on your roof because we want you to come to us for all of your other projects as well. We understand that our clients may return to us for future projects. This understanding drives us to consistently deliver top-quality work across all services. We don’t just aim to meet your roofing needs; we strive to be your go-to contractor for all your home renovation projects.

Our business thrives on customer satisfaction and referrals. We know that the only way to ensure clients come back and recommend us is through exceptional work and reliable service. Each project is an opportunity to strengthen our reputation and relationship with the community.

A Roof Built To Last

With Christian Construction, your roofing project is in the hands of a team that values long-term results and customer satisfaction above all.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that the same company taking care of your roof can also handle a wide range of other home improvement projects provides peace of mind and convenience.

Quality of Assurance

Our approach to every project is underpinned by a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to quality. We’re not just building roofs; we’re building trust.

Opting for Christian Construction means choosing a partner that values your property as much as you do. We bring a combination of expertise, quality, competitive pricing, and, above all, a commitment to accountability that sets us apart.
For roofing and more, let Christian Construction be your first choice. Experience the difference that comes with a contractor who values long-term relationships and is invested in the community’s satisfaction and trust.

Get A Quote from Christian Construction

Your property’s roof is essential for protection against the elements, maintaining energy efficiency, and safeguarding against pests. With Christian Construction, you’re choosing a roofing service that ensures long-lasting results and exceptional quality.
Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, and parts of New Jersey, we are your best choice for roofing services in the region. Contact us today to discuss your roofing needs and learn about our other contractor services. As an Owens Corning preferred installer, we guarantee excellence in every aspect of our work.

About Our Staten Island Roof Repair Services

Christian Construction offers specialized roof repair services across Staten Island, Brooklyn, New York City, and New Jersey. We are experts in addressing common roofing issues that can leave properties vulnerable to leaks, high energy bills, and further damage. Our skilled team conducts thorough inspections to pinpoint the exact roofing issues at your home. We then collaborate with you to devise an affordable and effective solution, restoring your roof to optimal condition.

Expertise in Roof Repair by Christian Construction

Most roofs, depending on their type, are designed to last upwards of two decades. However, they are susceptible to damage from weather, wear, and other factors. Early detection of such damage can prevent the need for a full roof replacement.
Christian Construction prides ourselves on our in-house team handling all roofing tasks, ensuring consistent quality, professionalism, and convenient scheduling throughout the repair process.

We have extensive experience in repairing various roof types across residential properties in the region, using top-quality materials to ensure durability and preserve the value of your home. Our expertise covers a range of roofing types, including:

Our repairs focus on maintaining your roof’s integrity against moisture, pests, and temperature fluctuations.

Comprehensive Roof Repair Services in Staten Island

Christian Construction is equipped to handle all types of roof damage, whether it’s visible post-storm damage, leaks leading to mold issues, or increased energy bills due to compromised roof integrity. Our process begins with a detailed roof inspection to determine the extent and location of the damage, followed by a tailored repair plan. Our repair services address various issues, including:

Our repair services address various issues, including:

Unattended, these damages can worsen, leading to mold growth, pest infestations, and reduced energy efficiency. Our roof repair services in NYC aim to extend your roof’s lifespan, preventing the need for premature replacement.

Why Opt for Christian Construction for Your Roof Repair?

With over 20 years of experience serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and parts of New Jersey, Christian Construction has a track record of successfully repairing and replacing hundreds of roofs. Known for our friendly, reliable team and customer-centric approach, we offer personalized consultations to understand your roofing issues and provide transparent, upfront quotes.

Premier Roof Installation Services
with Christian Construction

Christian Construction specializes in top-tier roof installation, repair, and replacement services. Catering to a wide range of properties across Staten Island, Brooklyn, parts of New Jersey, and beyond, we bring unmatched expertise and quality to your roofing needs. Our commitment to providing excellent service at competitive rates sets us apart in the industry.

Why is Christian Construction the Ideal Choice for Roof Installation in Staten Island?

You’re going to run into situations where you need a new roof, and that roof repair is no longer enough. Christian Construction stands out in the NYC roofing industry for several key reasons:

Multifaceted Expertise

We are essentially 17 companies in one, with a full in-house team offering services beyond roofing, including siding, kitchen remodeling, gutter cleaning, and house painting.

Trust and Accountability

Our diverse service range means we're always ready to assist with various property needs, ensuring accountability and a desire to maintain long-term customer relationships.

Competitive Pricing

Despite offering top-quality services, our rates are highly competitive, often surpassing even budget-friendly options in the market.

As a 5-star certified roof installer, Christian Construction has access to premium roof materials and products, all installed by our dedicated in-house team of specialists. We cater to a variety of roofing needs, including:

We adeptly handle both flat and pitched roofing for residential and commercial properties. Plus, our expertise extends to tasks like gutter cleaning and replacement, ensuring a holistic approach to your roofing and property maintenance needs.

Start Your Roofing Journey with Christian Construction

Choosing Christian Construction for your roof installation means partnering with a company committed to exceeding your expectations and being a reliable partner for all your property needs, now and in the future. Whether it’s a robust new roof or additional property services, we are here to deliver excellence.

Comprehensive Roof Replacement Services
by Christian Construction

Christian Construction is able to provide roof replacement services for homes in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and parts of New Jersey. Recognizing that every roof eventually reaches the end of its lifespan, we provide expert solutions to protect your home from weather, moisture, pests, and energy inefficiencies due to roof damage.

Why Choose Christian Construction for Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement is not just about installing a new roof; it’s about ensuring your home’s safety, enhancing its appearance, and improving its value. Our extensive experience in working with various properties in the area has equipped us with the knowledge to recommend roofing styles and types that offer the best appearance, resale value, and durability against local weather conditions.

We understand the importance of a roof that not only protects your home but also complements its architectural style. Our range of roofing installations includes:

Our team will guide you in choosing the perfect roofing option that aligns with your home’s style and budget.

Our Roofing Installation Process

At Christian Construction, our in-house team meticulously handles every aspect of the roof installation process, ensuring top-notch results and efficiency. Our comprehensive process includes:


We begin with inspecting your current roof and providing a detailed quote covering the cost of materials and labor.

Tear Off

We remove existing roofing materials and dispose of them responsibly, adhering to local regulations.

Evaluation of Sheathing

Before the installation of new materials, we inspect the sheathing for any moisture damage or other issues that require attention.

Replacing Flashing

If necessary, we replace the flashing at roof joints with high-quality materials to enhance leak prevention.

Installing the Underlayment

The underlayment is secured to the roof to minimize moisture-related issues.

New Roof Installation

We then proceed with the installation of new shingles, shakes, tiles, or other materials, adhering to a planned design and all building codes.

Our process concludes with a thorough cleanup, leaving your property with a new, durable, and aesthetically pleasing roof.
With over 20 years of serving Staten Island, NYC, and New Jersey, Christian Construction has become synonymous with quality roofing solutions. As a full-service contractor, we offer not just roof replacement but also repair services, catering to all your roofing needs.

If it’s time to replace your home’s roof, reach out to our team. Discover why our roof installation services are trusted by homeowners in Staten Island and beyond.

Expert Roof Cleaning Services by Christian Construction

Christian Construction provides professional roof cleaning for homes in Staten Island, NYC, and neighboring regions. Understanding the importance of a well-maintained roof, our services are designed to not only enhance the appearance of your roof but also to extend its lifespan and prevent damage.

The Importance of Professional Roof Cleaning

A clean roof is not just about curb appeal; it plays a crucial role in the overall health and longevity of your roofing system. Regular cleaning helps prevent the build-up of harmful elements like moss, algae, and debris, which can lead to deterioration and leaks. At Christian Construction, we offer expert roof cleaning services to address these issues, ensuring your roof remains in optimal condition.

Why Choose Christian Construction for Roof Cleaning?

Christian Construction goes above and beyond with their roof cleaning services and, unlike many other roof cleaners, our expertise in roofing means that we know how to be careful any time we’re on your roof and how to spot problems that your roof may struggle with. We offer benefits that include:

Specialized Expertise

Our team possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to clean roofs safely and effectively, using methods that are both thorough and gentle on roofing materials.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular cleaning by Christian Construction not only cleans your roof but also serves as preventative maintenance, helping to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems.

Extending Roof Lifespan

By removing damaging elements, our roof cleaning services can significantly extend the life of your roof, saving you money in the long run.

Our roof cleaning process includes:


We begin with a thorough assessment of your roof to determine the appropriate cleaning methods and identify any specific areas of concern.

Safe and Effective Cleaning

Utilizing specialized equipment and cleaning solutions, we effectively remove moss, algae, debris, and any other build-up without causing damage to your roof.

Post Cleaning Inspection

After cleaning, we conduct a detailed inspection to ensure the integrity of your roof and to identify any potential issues that may require attention.

Schedule Your Roof Cleaning with Christian Construction

Maintaining the health and aesthetics of your roof is essential for the overall well-being of your property. Christian Construction is dedicated to providing top-quality roof cleaning services to homeowners in Staten Island, NYC, and the surrounding areas.
For a professional and reliable roof cleaning service that will rejuvenate your roof and protect your investment, contact Christian Construction. Let us help you keep your roof looking its best and functioning optimally for years to come.

Gutter Services by Christian Construction - Installation, Cleaning, and More in Staten Island and NYC

In the dynamic weather of Staten Island and NYC, proper gutter maintenance is crucial for protecting your property from water damage. Christian Construction, as a leading gutter specialist, offers a full suite of gutter services including cleaning, repair, maintenance, and installation, all at competitive prices throughout the year.

Comprehensive Gutter Services Offered by Christian Construction

As Staten Island’s preferred contractor, Christian Construction extends its services across Staten Island, NYC, and NJ, ensuring the best care for your property’s gutters. Our extensive gutter services include:

Gutter Cleaning

Utilizing advanced technology, we thoroughly clear clogged gutters to ensure efficient water drainage.

Gutter Repair

Our experienced team promptly addresses any gutter issues, ensuring fast and reliable repair services.

Gutter Maintenance

Regular cleaning and assessments help prevent costly future problems. Inquire about our maintenance services.

Gutter Installation

When replacement becomes necessary, we offer a range of durable gutter options to enhance your property’s functionality.

Gutter Guard Installation

We provide various gutter guard solutions, including Leaf Guard, to suit different budgets and needs.

Gutter Painting

Customize your gutters with our painting services to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal.

With Christian Construction, you can expect the highest quality work, competitive pricing, and a commitment to exceed expectations for all your gutter needs.

Why Opt for Christian Construction for Gutter Services?

Christian Construction is not just another gutter service provider. We bring a unique combination of expertise and comprehensive property care to the table:

Expert Gutter Specialists

Our team is meticulously selected for their experience and commitment to delivering thorough and detailed service.

Integrated Property Services

Beyond gutters, we offer roofing, siding, painting, and other contractor services, providing a holistic approach to property maintenance.

Structural Insights

While working on gutters, we can identify and address other structural concerns, thanks to our in-house team of experts.

Unlike other gutter cleaning companies in Staten Island, we also are available to combine our gutter cleaning with other services, and always go above and beyond to prove that we are the best choice to handle your property’s needs. Our diverse service range means we strive for excellence in every task, knowing that our reputation for future business depends on the quality of our current work.

Schedule Your Gutter Service Today

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive gutter cleaning or considering a full gutter replacement, Christian Construction is ready to meet your needs. Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, and parts of New Jersey, we are committed to providing top-tier service and excellent value.
Contact Christian Construction today to discuss your gutter requirements and experience why we are the trusted choice for gutter services in the region.

Roofing FAQ

Christian Construction provides a comprehensive range of roofing services including roof repair, roof installation, roof cleaning, and roof inspections. We cater to both residential and commercial properties, offering high-quality solutions for all roofing needs.

 Yes, we offer a variety of home improvement services including siding, masonry, house painting, kitchen and bathroom renovations, gutter installation and cleaning, and more. Our aim is to be your all-in-one solution for home renovation and maintenance.

Christian Construction has over 20 years of experience in the roofing and construction industry. We have a rich history of serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, and parts of New Jersey, with a strong portfolio of successful projects and satisfied customers.

Christian Construction stands out for our commitment to quality, extensive experience, competitive pricing, and a unique focus on accountability. Our diverse range of services ensures that we always strive for the highest quality work, as we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients.

All roofers at Christian Construction are in-house employees who specialize exclusively in roofing. We do not subcontract, ensuring that every project is handled by our dedicated team, accountable for the quality of their work.

 We use only the best roofing materials and employ skilled professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Our comprehensive service approach includes detailed inspections, personalized solutions, and a thorough clean-up after project completion.

Absolutely. We offer thorough roof inspection services to identify any potential issues and provide solutions. Our inspections are crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your roof.

Our approach is unique because we see every project as an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with our clients. We are not just a roofing company; we are a full-service contractor who values the trust and satisfaction of our clients above all.

You can get a quote by contacting us at 718-447-6475 or filling out our online form. We will discuss your specific needs, conduct any necessary inspections, and provide a detailed and competitive estimate for your project.

Yes, we offer warranties on our workmanship and materials used. The specifics of the warranty depend on the type of service and materials chosen for your project. We stand behind our work and ensure that our clients receive the best value and peace of mind.