Outdoor Kitchen Installation in NYC and NJ

Let Christian Construction Install Both Standard and Custom Outdoor Kitchens for Your NYC Property, Complete with Masonry, Plumbing, and Related Services

Christian Construction is a full-service contractor in Staten Island. One of our specialties is creating high-quality outdoor kitchens for properties of all sizes, all over NYC and NJ. We take considerable pride in our work, creating an outdoor kitchen that will last for decades. Call us today to obtain an estimate for our services, or to talk about the next steps for installation.

About Our Staten Island Outdoor Kitchen Services

Whether you have an existing outdoor kitchen or you’re looking to install your first one, Christian Construction is able to build you the perfect outdoor kitchen for your property. We work with small outdoor kitchens, and outdoor kitchens that double as hosting spaces for large groups. We have different kitchen styles available for all different budgets. We can also customize your kitchen upon request.

As an NYC, NJ, and Staten Island contractor, we are able to provide all the services your project needs, including:


We can build you a stone or brick setup for your kitchen

Appliance Installation

We can install ovens, sinks, grills, and other appliances


We can install romantic or bright lighting to fit the space

Electrical Work

We can add electrical outlets so you can play speakers or charge phones


We can provide your outdoor kitchen with patio flooring

Cabinetry, and More

We have access to custom cabinetry, plumbing, and all the services your outdoor kitchen needs

We can also provide concrete paving, install an outdoor TV, build trellises – anything you need to make sure your outdoor kitchen is able to provide you with the form and function that you desire for your property.

Choose Christian Construction Today to Build You an Outdoor Kitchen

Christian Construction has been a part of this Staten Island community for over 20 years. There’s a good chance that you have eaten food cooked at one of the kitchens we’ve designed – and even a chance that we’ve seen you there, since we know so many people here in the Staten Island community.

We also approach each project differently. We:

Offer Great Rates

We keep our costs low so that we can provide you with lower estimates for the same outstanding service

Use An In-House Team

We have an in-house, highly experienced team that genuinely understands how to build the best outdoor kitchens available

All Needed Services

Because we are also a full service contractor, we are available if any other needs arise inside or outside of your home

Find out more about Christian Construction or have our team get started on your next project by contacting us and scheduling your no-obligation estimate for installation.