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Christian Construction is Staten Island's Favorite Stucco Contractor, Offering the Best Prices and Highest Quality Service Available in All of New York City

Stucco is one of the most popular types of siding found in Staten Island. It is mostly popular for its clean aesthetic appeal, but stucco also has many benefits in the NYC area for its weather resilience, longevity, and so much more. Christian Construction is a siding and masonry specialist offering stucco installation and stucco repair. ‘

We have some of the lowest cost estimates in the entire region, and yet deliver some of the best stucco designs and services with specialists that truly understand how to give you high-quality final work. Because we also offer painting, gutter, and roofing services, you have everything you need to help stucco your home. Call us today, or fill out our online form to get started.

Why Stucco?

Stucco is a fascinating material. It is a mix of Portland Cement, sand, lime, water, and added polymers which combine to create a type of siding that is extremely durable, perfect for most weather conditions, and only needs to be applied with a thin coat to still get amazing results.

Stucco can be applied in one, two, or three layers. It is simple in theory but difficult in practice, as any mistakes can cause the stucco to break down or fall apart over time if each part of the installation process – from the vapor barrier to the texturing – can affect the longevity and look of the stucco in the long term. 

However, when installed correctly, stucco siding installation has many advantages for Staten Island and NYC properties. Stucco has features that are highly desirable for most homeowners, including:

Stucco is also beautiful. It can be hand-designed into all different types of styles, from flat to swirl to smooth to coarse. But it also needs to be installed by the right people. It is a type of siding, but it is also a type of masonry. That makes it especially important to work with a team that understands how to install stucco correctly, and what the specific needs are for NYC and Staten Island properties.

About Our Stucco Installation and
Christian Construction

Christian Construction is not your typical siding contractor. We also are more than a masonry service. We do things differently here. We hire in-house specialists that address all of your property’s needs, but also provide a broad range of services so that you have something you can trust for any contractor service.

That makes us a one-stop source for anything you need, from siding to masonry to roofing to room remodeling, and more. We also offer exterior house painting in house, so that after the stucco has been installed, we can make sure that your home has the proper finishing to give you your final desired look. 

Every team member we put on the project is an expert in their field, so if you need stucco, you’ll be working with a team member that specializes in stucco and masonry, while if you need painting, you’ll have a painter that knows how to provide the perfect coat. We want you to work with you on all your home projects, and we will go out our of way to prove to you that you can trust us any time a need arises.

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