Concrete Pavers Installation in Staten Island

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Christian Construction is a masonry contractor in New York City that specializes in concrete, including concrete pavers. Our paver stone options make it possible for you to transform your outdoor space, using concrete pavers to improve the look and functionality of your landscape.

Christian Construction is a Staten Island contractor that has an experienced team of masonry specialists that truly understand how to transform your property. Contact us today for more information, or for an estimate on our paver stones.

About Our Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers are a very popular way to decorate outdoor spaces. They are water resistant and allow rainwater to get back into the ground. They come in many interesting shapes and styles that help make spaces look more unique. They are easier to replace if they break or become damaged. They also tend to cost less than other options.
Our team uses concrete pavers to change the way that your landscape appears. We use concrete pavers for a variety of different landscape designs, including:

We can use concrete pavers to create any design that you need, anywhere on your property. We are also able to provide you with custom concrete, so if pavers do not fit your needs, you have other options that can be installed in its place.

Low Cost, Very Effective –
Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are a cost effective way to completely change a landscape, all with paver stones that are long lasting and perfect for Staten Island weather. We have excellent rates for our concrete pavers, with a team that is outstanding at paver installation and design. We also are a full service contractor, so if you need other services – outside or inside of your property – we can help you there as well, with low cost rates and the same quality of service.

Concrete pavers are a great way to alter the look of your landscape. Contact Christian Construction today for an estimate.