New Siding Installation & Replacement in Staten Island, NYC

Your home’s siding affects the look of your home, its energy efficiency, its soundproofing, and its weather protection, and its ability to prevent pests. If your siding is no longer working for your needs, you need a Staten Island siding company that has the tools, resources, and experience necessary to help. Christian Construction is Staten Island’s best siding contractor. We offer great rates, access to the newest and most popular siding materials, and we have a full team of employees in-house that we trust to exceed your expectations.

If you’re interested in replacing your siding or siding repair, call Christian Construction today.
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About Our Siding Installation Services

Christian Construction is a 5-star installer and master contractor for Certainteed siding. We are able to install, replace, and repair nearly all common siding materials available, including:

When we come to your property for a quote, we’ll talk to you about your siding goals. We will match you with a style and type of siding that you’re looking for, and schedule you in to get the process started.

Why Upgrade Your Siding?

Sometimes, you need a siding contractor because your siding is in disrepair. Sometimes, you need it because you simply do not like your current siding and you’re looking for an aesthetic upgrade. Sometimes, you need new siding because you’re making other exterior upgrades. Homeowners in NYC upgrade their siding for a number of reasons. 

But there are also situations when you can tell that it’s time for new siding. For example:

Your Energy Bills Are Too High

Siding in older homes is not nearly as energy efficient as it is today. If your energy bills are higher than your neighbors, your siding may be to blame.

Your Siding Is Molding

New, modern siding prevents and protects against mold and mildew, but old siding runs the risk of developing mold and rot. New siding replaces this.

Interior Paint Peeling

Siding that is in bad shape may also allow moisture to get inside. Sometimes it’s hard to see the damage that it does to your property, but if your paint starts peeling, then you can be certain your siding is damaged.

Bugs And Animals Are Getting In

Your siding protects your property from pests. As it decays or cracks, bugs, rodents, and wildlife become more likely get inside.

Most people change siding for aesthetic reasons. But there are plenty of situations where you may need your siding to be replaced, and when that happens, you need a siding contractor that is experienced and cares about you and your home.
We also know that siding can be a significant, unexpected expense. If you suspect damage to your property but are not ready to replace your siding, we’ll take a look to see if we can provide you with siding repair to extend the life of your existing siding.

Why Choose Christian Construction

Since 1999, Christian Construction has provided the highest quality siding restoration and renovation for Staten Island, Brooklyn, and parts of New Jersey. You’ve probably seen our work throughout the borough, and we’re always happy to show you examples of our work.

We do it all, and you can trust us to be accountable, because we want you to choose us for other services you may need such as roofing, masonry, and more. Give us a call today, and let Christian Construction provide you with a free quote and more details about our services.