Concrete Stairs and Stair Tread Installation in Staten Island, NYC

Let Christian Construction Create High Quality Outdoor Stairs And
Stair Treads For The Exterior Of Your Property

Staten Island is filled with hills and multi-storied properties. That means that there is a good chance that you need stairs outside of your property to go in and out of your yard or front door. Christian Construction is a Staten Island contractor that also has an outstanding team of masonry specialists to help you with these concrete stairs.

If you’re looking for exterior stairs, contact Christian Construction to get started.

Types of Concrete Stairs

Concrete stairs are not the only type of exterior stairs. When we install decks, we often install wood stairs to match the look of the deck or patio. But concrete stairs are a very common approach when re-designing a landscape. There are typically two ways that concrete can be used to create stairs:

Concrete Stair Treads

Stair treads are a very popular approach to concrete stairs. Stair treads are concrete platforms that are installed on a metal supporting structure, called “stringers.”

Concrete Stairs

Treads are not the only way to make stairs. You can also make the stairs almost entirely out of concrete, with no platform opening, appearing as though it is only a solid stair slab.

We are able to provide both of these types of stairs here at Christian Construction,
along with other stairs if concrete stairs don’t meet your needs.

Why Choose Concrete Stairs?

Concrete stairs last for years and years. They add value to the property because they are beautiful to the eye and unlikely to show many signs of aging. They provide crisp lines that also help transform the landscape into one that is more visually appealing. They are also safer, water resistant, and need essentially no repairs.

Who We Are at Christian Construction

What Christian Construction offers is something that other masonry specialists often do not: Accountability. We have masonry specialists that are extremely talented and focus exclusively on concrete and masonry. But we are also a full service contractor that can help you with everything else in and outside of your home.

That means that we have an obligation to do an amazing job, because we want you to keep coming back for more.
We also offer very competitive quotes and will do our best to schedule your service as soon as we can. If you are interested in learning more about Christian Construction, or getting started on your concrete stair treads, contact us today for an estimate.