Brick and Stone Installation and Repair in Staten Island, NY

Christian Construction Has NYC Masonry Specialists to Create
and Repair Brick and Stone Structures and Designs

Christian Construction is a contractor in Staten Island. We work with residential and commercial properties on small and large projects inside and out. Masonry is one of our most popular services, because we have an established and amazing team that is capable of working with everything from concrete to pavers and more.

Many property owners in the Staten Island and NYC area contact us specifically for our work with brick and stone. We have some incredible rates and the highest quality service, helping ensure that you have a final structure that exceeds your expectations. We can also help with repair and replacement as needed. If you’d like a quote for our masonry services, please contact us today via our online form, or call us to schedule time for an estimate.

Our Brick and Stone Services

When many people think of the term “masonry” they picture the parts of the property made of brick or stone, such as chimneys and retaining walls. Christian Construction’s work in this area can be seen all over New York City, with special emphasis in Staten Island. You’ve probably seen some of our work without realizing it, as we’ve worked with thousands of homeowners on their brick and stone related projects. We provide all the services that you may need, including:

One of the things that makes us different is that we take on projects both large and small, so even if all you need is one brick replaced, we’re happy to help. Yet, if you have even larger masonry needs, we’ll be there to finish the job fast and for a cost that is competitive compered to other masonry contractors.

Why Choose Christian Construction for Brick and Stone Work?

Christian Construction is not your typical masonry contractor. While we are best known for the quality of our work and our surprisingly competitive prices, those are not what make us different. What truly makes is different is the accountability. 

Many contractors that specialize in only one service have no obligation or sense of duty to perform above and beyond, because they know that this is the only time you will contact them. But at Christian Construction, we want you to know you can turn to us for anything your home needs, inside and out.

House painting? Roofing? New deck? Windows? We do it all, with specialists employed at each position. That means that we have an obligation to perform so you trust us for all future projects. 

We take that duty seriously, which means you always know you’re getting the best work possible. Start Today for an Estimate!

Masonry is one of our most popular services here at Christian Construction, and we are excited about a chance to work with you. Please contact us today either via our form or by calling us and we’ll be sure to schedule an estimate soon for your brick or stone related services.