Leak in Roof – Repair and Replacement in NYC with Christian Construction

Roof Repairs for Leaks Roofs and Other Issues from the
Experienced Team at Christian Construction

If you are struggling with a leaky roof, then it may be time to call Christian Construction. We are a comprehensive full service contractor located in Staten Island that offers roofing services throughout the New Jersey, New York, Brooklyn, and Staten Island areas.
Our team of specialists is dedicated to providing services that resolve your roofing issues as quickly as possible. This is because the damage caused by leaky roofs can eventually lead to high energy bills, ongoing decay, or avoidable roof replacements if the leak is not resolved efficiently.

Whether you have a specific problem that needs to be repaired immediately or you simply need an inspection to determine what the cause of your roof leak is, our team at Christian Construction is well equipped to offer a dependable and affordable solution for you. It is our goal to get your roof to a like-new condition, and we will not stop until it is fixed.

If you would like to request a quote, or schedule a roofing inspection from our team, feel free to call us at (718)-447-6475. You can also use our online form to reach out to us today.

Get Your Leaky Roof Repaired by Christian Construction

Roofs are often able to last for over two decades or more before any serious repairs are required. Still, during that time, it is common to see damage as the result of natural wear and tear, intense weather, or other causes. This can eventually lead to a leaky roof, which can then lead to more severe damage if it is not repaired quickly.

It is important to schedule repairs for this type of damage as fast as possible. If a leaky roof is allowed to persist, it can often require an entire roof replacement, which is significantly more expensive than basic repairs.

Our first step will be to come to your property and perform a roof inspection to assess if there is any damage or issues that need to be repaired immediately. Besides leaky roofs, we will also look for several other forms of damage. Many of these can cause leaky roofs, or result in a larger issue if they are not repaired quickly:

Hail Damage

A common source of damage that can create openings for water to leak into your home.

Missing or Torn Shingles

Whether it was caused by severe storm damage, general weathering, or something like a pest infestation, shingles are normally a fantastic deterrent against a leaky roof. Repairing them quickly is essential.

If your home has a roof leak, many of these other sources of damage will continue to cause problems if they are not addressed. If these issues are allowed to persist, the water damage from
your initial leaky roof can spread and develop into mold.

Why Choose Christian Construction for Roof Repair?

With over 20 years of experience in the Staten Island and New York City area, Christian Construction is one of the most comprehensive and efficient roofing contractors in the business. With hundreds of roofs replaced and repaired under our belt, we are well-equipped to keep your home safe and dry.
Throughout our decades in the business, Christian Construction has developed a reputation for customer-centric service and consistent quality. While our other team members are at your property, be sure to have them take a look at the rest that your home has to offer, as we are able to provide construction services for everything from essential roof repairs, to siding, windows, painting, and more.