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Christian Construction is the Best Window Contractor in NYC For New Construction Window Installation

Your windows will not last forever. Eventually, the windows will become less energy efficient, there will be leaks, and aesthetically they will not match the rest of your property.

There is more than one way to replace windows. One option is retrofit, which places a window directly within the existing window opening. But the option that most local homeowners desire is known as “new construction,” where a new window is directly placed into the property.

Christian Construction is a local Staten Island window contractor able to provide you with both new construction and retrofit windows. Serving NYC and parts of NJ, our team is able to give you a free, no pressure estimate and more information about the many different window options. Call us at 718-447-6475 or connect with us via our online form to schedule time to talk.

What Does it Mean to Have “New Construction” Window Replacement?

When someone first built your property, they connected a new window to the property frame and built siding and drywall around it. When a window contractor like Christian Construction replaces the window, they have the option of removing just the window itself and putting a new window in the hole that it leaves behind (this is known as “retrofit” or “replacement windows.”

While retrofit windows are a fantastic option on a budget, one problem with them is that they lack the built-in look that many property owners prefer. The “New Construction” window process addresses this. With new construction window replacement completely remove the window and all the drywall, siding, and other materials surrounding it. We then connect the new window directly to the frame of the property and then rebuild around the window, building it back into the property.

The result is a window that looks as though it was originally part of the property, but with a newer appearance, better energy efficiency, and so much more.

Benefits of New Construction Window Installation

The new construction approach to window installation has multiple advantages over retrofit, which is why it is such a popular choice here in Staten Island – a place where many of us have windows at are well over 30 years old. Some of the benefits of new construction windows include:

  • Built-In Style – Perhaps the most desirable reason to get new construction windows is to maintain the built-in look that is considered more desirable and more valuable to homeowners. For many, that alone is the main reason to choose new construction.
  • Prevents Energy Leaking – Retrofit windows can stop some air leaking, but not if the frame of the window is in severe disrepair. Here in Staten Island, since many of our homes are nearly 100 years old, air leakage may not be completely fixed without new construction, which prevents nearly all leaks.
  • Any Window Size – New construction is just that: new construction. That means that you can have windows of different sizes, shapes, and more as each window is built brand new into your property.

In addition, new window frames are larger than before, so a retrofit window can shrink the overall size of your glass. With new construction, your property continues to look exactly as you want it to be, with a beautiful window that fits perfectly into your home.

Weaknesses of New Construction Windows

New construction windows have many advantages. But they’re not right for every project. Part of our role at Christian Construction is to talk to you about the benefits and weaknesses of these types of windows in order to determine which one is truly best for you.

As you’re deciding on new construction windows, consider the following:

  • Higher Budget – Overall, new construction does cost more than retrofit. There is significantly more labor involved, as well as other parts and materials, all of which can increase the cost of your project in most cases.
  • Increased Completion Time – Because there is more labor involved, the time to install your windows is longer as well. That is an unavoidable part of new construction windows, adding days or more to the finish time depending on the number of windows installed.
  • Additional Services – Your property will need replacement siding, drywall, and even some paint to complete the look. Luckily, we provide all those services here at Christian Construction.

There are many reasons that new construction windows are the ideal choice for many properties. But they’re not right in all situations. At Christian Construction, we’ll help you determine if this approach to window installation is the best one for you and your budget.

Why Choose Christian Construction for New Construction Windows in NYC?

Christian Construction is a full service contractor. We’re more than a window company. We provide all the services your home needs, including roofing, siding, remodeling, flooring, and beyond, to repair problems or help your property look its best.

That makes us uniquely qualified for window installation. We have built houses from the ground up, which means that we know exactly what is needed for a window to not only look its best – but also to perform its best, saving you money on your energy bills and preventing air leaks in the months and years to come.

We also have great prices, friendly and supportive service, and guarantee the quality of our work. We have been a part of this Staten Island community for over 20 years, serving this area, Brooklyn, and the nearby areas of New Jersey with great rates and service that we can stand behind. We perform essentially all of our services in-house, sending only the best people to your house each and every time.

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