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Replacement Windows, New Construction, and Window Frame Repair in NYC from Christian Construction - Your Full Service Window Contractor

Staten Island – and all of NYC and New Jersey – has a lot of history. You can see that history in its architecture, with homes that were built over 100 years ago and homes that were completed in the past few decades. But this same history and character also means that many properties have elements that are reaching the end of their lifespan, and nowhere is that more true than with property’s windows.

Christian Construction offers window repair in NYC. Based in Staten Island, our window repair and replacement services cover everything from major renovations to small weatherproofing strips. We want to make sure your property is more comfortable, more energy efficient, and better able to offer protection from pests, air leaks, water leaks, and more.

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When Does Your Property Need
Window Repair?

When a window has reached the end of its lifespan, it doesn’t simply break down right away. Instead, it has subtle issues that cause minor problems that compound and become worse over time. Some of these issues include:

Some other signs of window damage are more apparent, such as cracks in the window itself. At any point, one or all of your windows will need a Staten Island window contractor to make sure that they are functioning properly. In the NYC area, the best choice for window installation and window repair is Christian Construction.

Our Staten Island Window Repair Services

At Christian Construction, we take on projects both large and small. We have fantastic, competively low rates for windows and window related services, and are willing to provide everything from small weather stripping improvements to whole house new construction window replacement.

Our repair services cover everything you need related to windows, including (but not limited to):

You can call us any time you’re having a problem with your windows and we will gladly provide you with more information on our available services and an estimate for what you need.

Why Choose Christian Construction as Your NYC Window Repair Contractor?

Part of what makes us differnet here at Christian Construction is that we are not *just* a window company. We are a whole house contractor, and one of the ONLY whole house contractors that also is happy to take on small projects. We want to be the name you trust for anything your property needs, from a small issue with your flooring to replacing your whole siding and roofing. 


Everyone we have on staff is an expert in their fields, which means that our window technicians are experts on windows, and if you need new siding to go around your windows, our siding technicians are sent to make sure the job is completed properly. We also can get you great deals on windows and have a very low cost for our installation and repair services, so that you can save money every time you call our team.

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