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All windows will eventually need to be replaced. Here at Christian Construction, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality windows available, with installation services designed to fit your budget. Christian Construction is a Staten Island window contractor that cares about each and every one of our customers, and our work with replacement windows reflect that commitment.

If you’re in need of retrofit windows, also known as replacement windows, give Christian Construction a call, today. We provide both retrofit and new construction, and are more than happy to come to your property for an estimate. Serving Staten Island, Brooklyn, and parts of NJ, contact us today at 718-447-6475 to learn more.

Introduction to Retrofit Windows in NYC

Your property already has windows. As a window replacement company, we have two options for replacing those windows. We can use a process known as “new construction,” where we tear down the existing window and build the new window into the property, replacing any lost siding, drywall, and other materials. Or, we can use a process called “retrofit windows.”

Retrofit, aka “Replacement Windows,” is a window installation process where we place a special type of new window into an existing window opening and then caulk and seal around the window to ensure energy efficiency. There is limited to no demolition and no exterior or interior components need to be replaced. Instead, the window simply fits into the existing space, into the hole left when we remove the initial window.

Why Are Replacement Windows So Popular?

Most homeowners in Staten Island choose replacement windows. That is because these replacement retrofit windows offer several advantages over new construction that property owners prefer and appreciate. These include:

  • Cost – Replacement windows are almost always a more cost effective option than new construction, because there is significantly less labor and additional parts involved. No siding needs to be replaced, no drywall, and limited additional support.
  • Time – Because there is less labor, the time to installation is also reduced. Retrofit windows can be replaced in a day or two (depending on the size of the project) while new construction may take as long as a week or more depending on the number of windows.
  • No Breaking Into the Property – There’s a saying in construction that you’re always likely to find problems the more you work on a property. With replacement windows, that is less likely to occur, because nothing is there is very little being demolished.

In addition, with retrofit windows, you know exactly where your window will be and what it will look like, reducing buyer’s remorse. Many customers also want to avoid any issues with adding new siding that may arise, including finding replacement paint.

What Are the Downsides of Retrofit Windows?

Retrofit windows are an amazing option for a variety of customers. But they’re not right for all properties. You may find that you prefer “new construction” instead, as some of the disadvantages of replacement windows include:

  • Limited to the existing space. You will not be able to add windows of different sizes or shapes, or add a new window if no existing window was there.
  • Insufficient for severely damaged window frames. Retrofit windows are enough to seal some leaky, older windows, but a damaged frame may require additional support.
  • No built-in look. The reason they call the other installation technique “new construction” is because the window is built into the property, as though it was the original window.

Despite these disadvantages, most customers in the Staten Island and NYC area opt for replacement windows/retrofit, as the cost for installation and faster installation speed makes them a preferable choice for most projects.

Why Choose Christian Construction for Retrofit Windows in NYC?

Christian Construction has been one of the best choices for window replacement in NYC. We care about this community in ways that we back by our top tier work and great rates. Since 1999, your friends and neighbors have trusted us for their window installation services, including retrofit windows, along with a host of other services including bathroom and kitchen remodels, roofing, siding, and so much more.

At Christian Construction, we want to be the one stop source every time you need a contractor. Learn more about our services or schedule a time for your retrofit window quote by calling us today at 718-447-6475 or reaching out to us via our online form. We proudly serve all around NYC, including Staten Island and Brooklyn, and are happy to provide windows in parts of NJ as well.