Masonry Services in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NJ

Brick, Stone, and Concrete Block Services for Residential and Commercial Properties in Staten Island and Throughout the Region

Masonry refers to the stone and brick work used inside and outside of your property. Christian Construction is Staten Island’s best choice for masonry services in the borough. We provide custom, reliable designs out of brick and stone for your landscape, your fireplace, your walkway, and all throughout your property.

Our masons are some of the best in the entire state, and we are able to provide masonry services for surprisingly competitive costs, along with any supplementary services that may help you transform your landscape or property. Contact us at 718-447-6475 or use our online form to get started.

About Our Brick and Stone
Masonry Services

Christian Construction is a full service masonry contractor in Staten Island. We provide the brick, stone, and concrete installation and repair services that you are looking for with your property. Since 1999, we have provided a wide range of services within the masonry field, building all different types of both functional and decorative structures, including:

We work with all different types of blocks, including brick, granite, limestone, marble, glass, cast stone, and concrete. We can also provide additional hardscaping services, including concrete, for those that are looking to enhance their property. Our services are entirely customizable, so if you have a vision that you’d like us to help you achieve,
Christian Construction will be here, ready to help. 

Benefits of Masonry

Masonry has many benefits that make it the right choice for so many applications.
In addition to its aesthetic appeal, masonry:

When built correctly by experienced masonry contractors, the brick and stone structures that we build have the potential to last for decades.

At Christian Construction, you can trust that your concrete and masonry work will be completed with incredible care. One thing we offer, more than many other concrete and paving companies, is accountability. You can trust that we’ll do a great job because we want you to also call us for any other service you need – siding, roofing, windows, remodels, gutter cleaning, and so much more – and we know the only way to earn that trust is to do an amazing job with all the work we do. 

Why Choose Christian Construction for Masonry in Staten Island?

Masonry is one of our specialties in Staten Island. Though we are a full service contractor with experience in all different types of interior and exterior construction, our masonry services are one of the ways that we have been able to stand out right here in NYC. All of our masonry services are completed in-house by our skilled team, and we guarantee that our work will withstand the tests of time.

Call Christian Construction today to obtain a free estimate for our masonry services, and let’s talk about your vision for the project and what we can do to turn that dream into a reality.