Concrete Services in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NJ

Your Concrete Paving, Concrete Stairs, and Concrete Block Services for Residential and Commercial Properties in the Staten Island Area and Beyond

Concrete is the most versatile, long lasting form of hardscape available today. It is used for walkways, parking lots, patios, and more, and – once installed – is likely to last for decades with minimal maintenance. 

At Christian Construction, we are here to make sure you have the most affordable concrete services you can find in NYC, along with a team that truly cares about creating a high quality final design.

Whether it’s mixing, pouring, spreading, finishing, reinforcing, cutting, or paving concrete, we’re here to transform your property with the best concrete and masonry services available in Staten Island. If you are interested in learning more about our concrete services, or you would like to schedule time for our team to come to your property to provide an estimate, give us a call at 718-447-6475, or fill out our form online to get a quote.

About Our Concrete Services in
Staten Island, NY

At Christian Construction, we provide full service concrete installation and repair throughout Staten Island and much of NYC. We provide concrete paving and related services inside and outside, and have in-depth knowledge of concrete and concrete related services. Whatever the job entails, Christian Construction is ready to help, offering a low cost with a high-quality touch since 1999.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

With our deep experience in concrete paving and a dedication to only best quality of service, Christian Construction has what you need to renovate and alter your property. We know how to pour long lasting concrete that is always the right mix for your location and needs, and will provide a beautiful, high end design that will increase functional space on your property and improve your property values. 

Why Christian Construction is the Best Choice for Concrete Services

At Christian Construction, we work hard with integrity and accountability. Our concrete specialists are more than just talented and skilled. They are honest and focused at creating the best finished product for your property that they can provide. Doing a high quality work is more than just an marketing phrase. It’s a passion that we take seriously.

We are also a full-service contractor, which means that if any other issues arise, or you need any additional support for your home, our team is ready to help. We keep our quotes competitive, and do our best to schedule whatever service you need as quickly as possible. It is because of these other services that you can trust us to be accountable, because we want to be the number one choice any time you need help with your home.

Get Started With Our Concrete Services

Concrete is a sustainable way to turn your transform your landscaping. Whether it is paved stones that allow rainwater back into the ground or custom concrete poured to perfection to transform your property, Christian Construction has teams standing by for full service concrete installation and design. Contact us today to get started.