Fence Painting in Staten Island, NY

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Curb appeal plays an important role in the value of your property and the feeling you have coming home to it each and every day. Your fence has one of the largest surface areas of any part of the exterior of your property, which means that people are going to see your fence before they see most other parts of your home.

Fence painting has aesthetic and functional benefits. But it is not as easy as it sounds. For fence painting services in Staten Island, and other parts of New York City and NJ, please contact Christian Construction today for a quote.

Who We Are at Chrisitan Construction

Christian Construction is a full service contractor that is known for its house painting services. Our team has house painters that take their time on your property and make sure that it has perfectly clean coats that withstand the tests of time.
We offer some of the best rates that you can get from any house painting companies in SI, and we combine that with accountability, because we want you to choose us any time you need any work completed for your home. You can read more about our services, and even ask about bundling them in one visit if you like.

About Our Fence Painting Process

Fence painting is one way to refresh the look of your property. Fences experience a lot of abuse, from rain, wind, pests, and more. Even the changing of the seasons can cause damage to your fences, and ultimately the quality of your fence paint.

That is why it is often helpful to repaint your fences. This process isn’t as simple as applying a new coat. You have to:

Prep the fence for painting by cleaning the existing fence, removing old paint (if needed), and sanding the fence.

Repairing any broken areas of fence or filling in any holes and damage created over time. You don’t want to paint the fence only for parts of your fence to break.

Applying primer. Almost any paint color benefits from primer over the wood of the fence. This may also reduce the need to take off any existing paint.

Painting the fence. You have to apply a high quality coat of exterior paint that gets into every single groove in the wood. Sometimes, you may need more than one coat.

Applying the sealant. If you want to extend the life of your fence paint, you’ll want to seal it from the elements with a clear coat that protects your fence.

Fence painting also has additional benefits for your fence. Paint offers some protection from rot. Paint can make it easier to clean. It can protect against pests, and more.

It also adds value to your property by increasing your curb appeal. You can use the color of your fence to complement the colors around your home, and truly transform your property into one you can easily be proud of.

Getting Started with Christian Construction

Fence painting is one of the many painting and construction related services we offer here in Staten Island. With amazing rates and high quality service, we’re confident that you’re going to love our house painting options.

Contact us today to schedule a quote for fence painting in NYC.