Interior House Painting in Staten Island with Christian Construction

Christian Construction is a Staten Island House Painter Serving NYC and NJ, with Detailed Paintwork, Professionalism, and Affordable Costs

Every home will need to be painted. Most homes require interior house painting every 5 to 10 years, as the paint receives scuffs, water damage, and markings that benefit from a new coat of paint. In addition, styles change, and the interior house paint color you like now may not be the same one that you need years in the future.

Christian Construction is Staten Island’s favorite all-service contractor. We are happy to take on your interior house painting projects, painting everything from a single room to every room in your property. Even though we are SI based, we are also able to travel to parts of NJ, Brooklyn, and other areas of NYC. If you’ve been looking for a local house painting company, contact 718-447-6475 or fill out our online form to get started.

About Our Interior Painting Services

How you paint the inside of your property affects almost every part of the rest of your interior design. Its colors affect how warm or cool your room looks, what furniture fits in with your design, how bright each room is, and so much more.

So when that paint isn’t the right color – or when it’s started to peel or get dirty – it’s time for a change. Here at Christian Construction, no project is too large or too small, and we have expertise in painting every single part of a property. We can provide:

  • Bathroom Painting
  • Kitchen Painting
  • Cabinet Painting
  • Baseboard Painting
  • Trim Painting
  • Door Painting

We can paint your home from floor to ceiling, or even help you with more decorative painting like accent walls. We can repaint just your baseboards, or deliver cover an entire home with raised ceilings. We make it easy to receive the interior painting that you need, from a company that truly cares about your satisfaction.

Why Choose Christian Construction?

Since 1999, Christian Construction has been a full service home contractor that believes in the Staten Island and NYC community. We love this area, and we believe in it, which is why we have always wanted to meet and connect with the people that live here and help make sure they have access to a skilled contractor that can give them the support they need.

With our interior house painting services, we are as detailed, careful, and thorough as we can be. We also know paint, which means we can talk to you about ways to match you with a paint color that matches your property, or figure out what type of paint you need for its expected use. Because we also provide contractor services, we have the unique ability to be able to repair or replace parts of your home that may need help before a repair can be made, such as replacing drywall or installing new baseboards.

Call Christian Construction Today for Interior House Painting

Every property will eventually need house painting. But not all house painters are the same. If you need a professional, high end team to paint the inside of your property for a great price, call Christian Construction. We proudly serve Staten Island and parts of NYC and NJ, and stand behind the quality of our services.