Interior Demolition and Open-Concept Renovations in Staten Island

Christian Construction is a Full-Service Contractor Providing Interior Demolition, and Open-Concept Renovations in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey

Open-concept renovations and interior demolition projects can often be the first part of the process in a major full-home renovation, or an effective way to create more open space. These are tasks that require professional and expert craftsmanship as well, as most DIY attempts will result in unintentional but significant damage to your home’s interior. That’s why it is so important to contact a Staten Island contractor like Christian Construction when you are looking to create a larger and more inviting space on your property.

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About “Open Concept” and Interior Demolition

An interior demolition project can refer to any destruction of any part of your home. This can include the removal of a wall, specific support beam, the removal of your current ceiling or even your floors. We are able to provide this type of renovation service, and can talk to you about any demolition you may need.
When we are discussing an open-concept renovation, we are referring to destroying walls to develop a place in your home that combines two or more rooms and turns them into a larger, more open space. These kinds of renovations require considerable labor, but have significant advantages when trying to add value to your property or develop a better home layout for entertaining guests.

How Can an Open Concept Renovation
Help My Home?

Open-concept renovations have become incredibly popular over the last several years, and that popularity is well deserved. An open-concept renovation allows you to transform your home and create a more inviting space for entertainment. It lays out a built-in modern or contemporary design, and allows you to change the style of your home dramatically.

There are many other positive qualities that make open-concept renovations incredibly attractive for homeowners attempting to add more value to their property. Some of those advantages include:

Increased Value of Your Property

The style and aesthetic of an open concept renovation can elevate a home with a beautiful modern feel. This can allow a homeowner to market their property at a higher value and reinforce the versatility of their home’s layout. Open-concept renovations are ultimately an investment in your property’s future.

Create Natural Light

By breaking down walls and joining spaces together, we are able to allow significantly more natural light into your home. This can make darker rooms feel brighter and more spacious.

Family-Friendly Floorplan

At a very base level, when you open up several rooms in your house and join them together, it will be easier to see what is going on in your house at any given moment. This can be an ideal choice if you need to keep an eye on kids or pets.

Larger Entertainment Area

It can be frustrating to have a large property to entertain, but be constrained by the layout of your home. By demolishing walls and opening up your main floor room, we will make it significantly easier to create a space to accommodate larger parties or socializing events.

If an open-concept renovation sounds like the perfect choice for your property, it is important to discuss that project with a construction engineer first. That’s why reaching out to Christian Construction is such an important first step in the process.
Most of the walls in your home are likely load-bearing walls, and factor into the structural integrity of your property. Our job will be to assess the requirements of your home, and make sure that we’re able to remove a wall safely and in a way that will not damage the structural integrity of the property in the short or long term.

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