Small Bathroom Remodeling Service with Christian Construction

Christian Construction of Staten Island, NY is Able to Renovate and Restore Bathrooms of All Sizes – We Are Happy to Take On Small Bathroom Renovations for Guest Bathrooms, Half Baths, and Small Masters

Christian Construction is a full service contractor located in Staten Island, serving most of NYC and parts of New Jersey. We’re also a different type of contractor. We genuinely care about this community, and want to be there to help you with your projects both large and small.

That is why we are pleased to be able to offer small bathroom remodeling services. We take on all bathroom renovations, no matter the size of the space, allowing you to have a bathroom you love at a competitive price.

Call us at 718-447-6475 to schedule an appointment, or fill out our online form and one of our team members will respond back with a time to gather a quote.

About Our Small Bathroom Construction Services

What matters to us is not the size of your home or the space in its rooms. What matters to us is giving you the best possible service we can. That includes our small bathroom remodeling services. While some companies only take on large remodeling projects, we believe that all bathrooms and all renovations deserve to be treated with the same quality and care.

That is why we are happy to provide you with renovation services for any type of bathroom:

  • Small Master Bathrooms
  • Small Guest Bathrooms
  • Small Half Bathrooms

Our knowledge and experience allow us to create bathrooms of any style. We combine creativity with technical knowledge to ensure that your space is designed exactly as you want. We are even able to provide partial services – so if you only need tiling, or a shower replaced, or even just new paint, our team is there to help.

Why Choose Christian Construction?

Christian Construction has been supporting local homeowners since 1999. You have likely walked into and used one of the bathrooms that we’ve redesigned without even knowing it. Our small bathroom remodeling services in Staten Island and the surrounding area are designed around your satisfaction. We provide:

  • Free Estimates
  • Drafting and Design
  • Demolition and Removal
  • Plumbing Services
  • Tiling
  • Flooring and Grouting, and More

We also offer some of the lowest prices available in all of Staten Island. We are able to do that because we do essentially everything in house. Rather than designate work to more expensive contractors, we hire the vast majority of our team, ensuring that you’re getting someone we trust for a cost that is frequently less than many other competitors.

We have a history here, and a reputation to uphold. We also truly care about each and everyone person we help. We want you to be happy, because we care about this area. We are often giving back to the community and looking for new ways we can support those that live or work here.

Contact Christian Construction Today for Small Bathroom Remodeling

Christian Construction provides small bathroom remodeling services in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and parts of New Jersey. We are also available to talk to you about your project at times that are convenient for you. Start your project or get a low cost quote for our services, by contacting Christian Construction as soon as possible.