Retaining Walls in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NJ

Retaining Wall Services for Residential and Commercial Properties
in and around the Staten Island area.

Retaining walls serve a functional purpose on your property. While some construction projects are primarily architectural, affecting the appearance of your property, retaining walls are serve a purpose. They are there to support the needs of your landscape, and they need to do so effectively for your landscape to continue to look its best. 

Let the skilled masonry contractors at Christian Construction help you with your retaining walls. With over 20 years of experience building and landscaping the Staten Island area, we know the terrain and how to create retaining walls that will best benefit your property. You can trust Christian Construction to create or repair a retaining wall with the durability and quality your property deserves.

Give us a call at 718-447-6475, or fill out our online form to start scheduling your service. 

About Our Retaining Wall Services

Christian Construction is a full-service masonry contractor. That means we know what we have a complete understanding of how to address your landscape needs, including how to put up the right kind of retaining wall for your property and repair or maintain your retaining wall accordingly. 

Whether you are looking to just carve out more yard space, create a new area within your property for landscaping, or keep a small unwanted hillside from spreading onto your property, our masonry experts have the experience necessary to provide you with the support you need. We are able to offer:

We provide gravity retaining walls, sheet pile retaining walls, cantilevered retaining walls, and anything else your property needs. We can also create custom walls with our concrete and paver services, so you have a design that matches your aesthetic vision.

Who We Are at Christian Construction

The masonry specialists at Christian Construction operate with the accountability you need to trust the wall going up at your property. We are able to offer this accountability because we are not *just* a concrete contractor or retaining wall specialist. We are a complete contractor, providing every service you may need for your property inside and out. 

While we employ experts that are talented and dedicated to focusing exclusively on concrete and masonry, we also want you to continue to choose us for any other service you may need, including roofing, siding, house painting, flooring, and beyond. We always do our best work, because we want you to be able to trust us for future projects as well. 

Let Christian Construction put in the work and build you the retaining wall you need. Whether the project calls for interlocking blocks, concrete walls, or something unique to your property, Christian Construction is ready to help. Contact us today for an affordable estimate, or to get started with our services.