Design Ideas for a Master Bath Remodel

Design Ideas for a Master Bath Remodel

Design Ideas for a Master Bath Remodel 150 150 Chris Q.

Renovating the master bathroom in your Staten Island home is a chance to upgrade your space with the layout and all of the features, as well as the design styles, that will create your perfect bathroom. It is also a chance to upgrade various features that will subsequently increase the value of your home.

With all of these different goals of a bathroom renovation and the wide array of upgrade options available for homeowners today, you have many options to choose from when planning out your master bathroom. These are some of the most functional and on trend options for master baths.

Choosing Master Bath Design Options During a Renovation

Some of the first and most important choices you will make when renovating your bathroom are the layout and larger fixtures. These decisions are based largely on the size of your bathroom as well as

your personal needs and wants.

Decisions can include whether you will have a three quarter bath or a full bath with a combined bathtub and shower or separate fixtures. You also need to choose whether you will have a single or double vanity and the overall layout of your bathroom, including whether you will be updating the plumbing or keeping the existing plumbing.

In addition to the standard choices, there is a range of other options available during a bathroom remodel, ranging from the functional to the more luxurious, and renovation is the perfect opportunity to incorporate features including:

  • Low Flow Fixtures – Low flow toilets and faucets can help you save money on utility bills by decreasing water usage.
  • Bathroom Fans – A bathroom fan is a great way to reduce humidity and its associated problems in your bathroom. You can make your vent system more convenient by adding built in timers as well.
  • Shower Niche – A shower niche provides an attractive built in shelf for your shower for convenient storage. It can be a subtle shelving option or offer a stylistic focal point depending on the tile work you choose for the niche and surrounding shower.
  • Heated Floors – One of the more popular luxury items, heated floors in your master bathroom can provide extra warmth for your space on colder days.
  • Lighting – A bathroom renovation is a great time to rethink your lighting. Having a variety of lighting fixtures throughout your bathroom or incorporating dimmable lighting is an optimal way to have different moods in your bathroom while still having enough light for more precise tasks like applying makeup.

These are only a few of the different options available for master bathroom renovations in Staten Island and only some of the unique features that our team at Christian Construction has installed over the years. Whatever your dreams for your master bath, our team is the right one to manage your project with access to our leading products and over 20 years of experience in helping our customers renovate their bathrooms and other spaces throughout their homes.

Contact Christian Construction to learn more about the available options for master bathroom remodels in Staten Island and get started with your own project.


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