Gutter Cleaning for Pest Management

Gutter Cleaning for Pest Management

Gutter Cleaning for Pest Management 1080 1080 Chris Q.

If you haven’t had a gutter cleaning appointment recently, chances are your gutters are already clogged. The wind and rain that we had this winter has led to significant amount of buildup in gutters all over Staten Island, causing them to work less efficiently.

But while it is likely to rain this week, the weather is also warming up, and frequent rains are going to be less common. Some homeowners take this to mean that they can wait on their gutter cleaning. But that is not typically the case. That is because clogged gutters can lead to other problems this year, even if the rains ceased completely.

Main Problem: Pests

If your gutters are clogged, they are likely filled with leaves, moss, and debris. There is also likely to be a considerable amount of standing water. That is going to draw in a lot of pests, including mosquitoes. “It can take weeks for that standing water in gutters to decrease” says Mike Delautre, owner of Adapt Pest Management, a pest control company in Rockiln, California. “during that time, mosquitoes are going to lay eggs and spread quickly in ways that are much harder to clean up.”

In addition to mosquitoes, the decaying and moldy leaves and debris can attract flies, roaches, ants, and even rats. Many pests will also come to drink the water as the weather warms. “Even after the water has evaporated, the decayed and moldy leaves will continue to attract pests for longer” says Mike. “Clogged gutters need to be cleaned as soon as possible.”

Secondary Problem: Gutter Damage

Gutters are typically fairly long lasting. But the old, decaying leaves can also cause damage to your property. These leaves mold, which can spread to nearby structures. They also retain moisture, which makes them heavier. Your gutter could start to weaken the longer these moist leaves are allowed to sit.

Eventually, it is possible you’re your gutters to fall down from under the weight, especially as more leaves and branches add additional weight in the future.

Gutter Cleaning in NYC with Christian Construction

As a Staten Island gutter cleaner, Christian Construction is able to come quickly to your property to clean your gutters out entirely. If needed, we can also install gutter guards or provide additional property repair while we are there. We can help you maintain your gutters for longer. Call us today to get started.


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