Gutter Replacement Staten Island, NY – When is it Time to Replace Your Gutters

Gutter Replacement Staten Island, NY – When is it Time to Replace Your Gutters

Gutter Replacement Staten Island, NY – When is it Time to Replace Your Gutters 1000 667 Chris Q.

Gutters fill an extremely important role in directing water away from your home and are key in preventing moisture damage. But in order for gutters to fulfill this role, they need to work correctly.

Most gutters in Staten Island are made with vinyl, aluminum, or steel and can dependably last around 20 years with proper maintenance. At the end of that time, or if a gutter has not received proper maintenance, the gutters on your Staten Island home will begin to show signs that indicate it is time for gutter replacement.

Signs You Need New Gutters 

If you notice that your gutters are beginning to flood and water is overflowing down the sides of your house or into your home, the first thing you should check for is clogs. Leaves and dirt that have built up in your gutter can cause water to pool and overflow. Gutter cleaning is a good step to undertake regularly, both to reduce the risk of flooding to keep gutters in good repair. 

But sometimes this is not the cause and gutter cleaning will not fix your issue. Instead, a deteriorating gutter could be causing leaks and other challenges that indicate it is time for gutter replacement, including:

  • Cracks and Rust – If you look at your gutters and see cracks in them, rust, or other types of corrosion, it is time to replace them. Gutters showing this kind of damage are more likely to fail. They also look unsightly and can harm your curb appeal.
  • Gutters Pulling from Roof – Gutters can start to pull away from the roof. This may be due to missing or broken fasteners, in which case repair can be possible. If the fasteners are no longer staying in place due to rotting fascia boards, both fascia and gutters should be replaced.
  • Separating Gutters – Worn gutters can start to separate from each other, leaving gaps between sections of the gutter that water can flow through. When more than one section has separated or gutters are consistently separating, replacement is the most efficient way to fix the issue.
  • Sagging Gutters – Gutters that are sagging or have become warped will no longer have the right pitch to direct water to downspouts. This will cause water to pool in the low areas, leading to moisture problems and causing gutters to sag further, hastening damage.
  • Peeling Paint or Wood Rot – If you start to see paint peeling from your siding or rot in your siding or trim, this is a good indicator of a moisture problem and your gutters might be to blame. Cracks in the gutter could lead to water dripping down the siding and causing this damage.
  • Mildew Growth or Dirt – Like paint damage, mildew growing on siding or dirt stains are often caused by water running down your siding. If you find yourself frequently cleaning siding or have noticed discoloration of your siding, a check of your gutters may show damage.
  • Landscaping Disturbances – Gutters and downspouts direct water to drainage points. If the water is instead dripping down from your roof or an overflowing gutter, it can wash away mulch, flatten flowers, and leave a trough in grass or dirt. All of these disturbances in your landscaping can be a sign of gutter problems.
  • Indoor Moisture Problems – There are several reasons you may have indoor leaks, but if you notice basement flooding or water staining on your walls, you should check your gutters. Water that pools in your gutter could breech your roof or siding. Even if it is not your gutters causing leaks, an inspection of your roofline and siding can help reveal the problem.

When you are experiencing these or other problems with your gutters, it is time to consider a replacement. Depending on your home’s needs, there is the option of replacing a single section if there is only a small area of damage or you can install new gutters at your Staten Island home. 

Christian Construction provides gutter replacement on Staten Island to provide quality and long lasting gutters when those already on your home are beginning to deteriorate. Get a quote for gutter replacement when you contact our team.


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