Staten Island Small Kitchen Remodeling: Tips for Getting the Most from Your Space

Staten Island Small Kitchen Remodeling: Tips for Getting the Most from Your Space

Staten Island Small Kitchen Remodeling: Tips for Getting the Most from Your Space 2560 1707 Chris Q.

A small kitchen can feel limiting, especially if the setup does not fit the way that you cook and entertain. But this does not have to be the case and a small kitchen remodel in Staten Island offers a perfect chance to customize a small kitchen into a highly functional space.

With the right approach, you can get a lot out of a small kitchen and these strategies catered to small kitchens on Staten Island will help make your space feel larger and functional, all while still meeting your aesthetic tastes and providing everything you need in your kitchen.

Design Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovations

Staten Island has many older homes, as well as condos and coops. Many of these homes have smaller spaces allocated for a kitchen and older designs and appliances which can struggle to meet the needs of the modern family.

When renovating a small kitchen, thinking about the way that your family utilizes the space can help you make the right choices for your new kitchen. Consider factors like the need for certain appliances to be larger, the need to prioritize storage space, or if you want to incorporate a bar in your kitchen for eating or entertaining. With a small kitchen, some features will be trade offs so it is important to determine what will be most valuable for your family as you begin the design process.

Beyond these considerations, you can also use the following ideas to help you maximize your space in a Staten Island kitchen:

  • Choose the Right Layout – For small kitchens in Staten Island, a galley kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen often provide the most efficient use of space. In many Staten Island homes that were built prior to the 1930s that have confined kitchens, this layout works well in the existing space, giving you a kitchen without requiring extensive demo or framing work.
  • Choose Smaller Appliances – Unless you know you need a large appliance for a particular reason, opt for smaller units, such as a small refrigerator or a more compact oven. This will enable you to get all of the appliances and items you need into your kitchen without visually overwhelming the space or reducing the area you have to move around in. 
  • Think Tall – Because you are limited in floor space with a small kitchen, you want to maximize your use of wall space. Choose built in appliances where possible, install cabinets and shelving that go to the ceiling, and designate storage areas for all of your kitchen items so that you will not need to store things on countertops or on the floor. 
  • Rely on Neutrals – Neutral colors will be less overwhelming in a small space. Whites, grays, and tans for your flooring, cabinetry, and backsplash will naturally make your kitchen look larger. With a mostly neutral color palette, you will also have the flexibility of incorporating a few colorful focal points as well that will really stand out in a smaller sized kitchen.
  • Use Larger Flooring and Backsplash Options – If you will be using tiles or planks for either your flooring or backsplash, opt for larger size pieces. This may seem counterintuitive in a small kitchen, but the larger pieces will have fewer grout lines and will look less than busy.
  • Explore High Tech Options – Many kitchen appliances and other products available today are great for space saving. Combination ovens and microwaves can limit the number of appliances you need, boiling water faucets eliminate the need to keep a kettle, and induction burners can help prevent injury if you have a lot of activity going on in your kitchen. Exploring and investing in different options during your remodel can provide many advantages in your finished kitchen.
  • Work with the Right Company – You will want to choose a Staten Island kitchen remodeling company that is experienced in small kitchens. They will have access to the best products for your space, insight into how to optimize a small kitchen, and invaluable advice for planning a kitchen. With a local company, they will also bring experience with remodeling the types of kitchens common in local architecture to provide reliable designs and efficient construction.

One of the main benefits of a small kitchen remodel is that the smaller space generally means lower costs on cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and appliances. This makes it possible to allocate some of your budget to more exciting features, such as custom cabinetry and storage solutions, or higher end components. These can truly make a small kitchen your own and boost your property’s value.

Christian Construction is a small kitchen remodeler in Staten Island. We unite many years of experience in renovating kitchens of all sizes with a dedication to quality, completing renovations for even the tiniest kitchens with a focus on every detail and a commitment to quality.

Contact Christian Construction to get an estimate on your small kitchen remodel today.


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