Signs That Your Home is Under-Insulated

Signs That Your Home is Under-Insulated

Signs That Your Home is Under-Insulated 1280 851 Chris Q.

Every property needs to be properly insulated in order to maintain better energy efficiency and comfort in the cold and hot months. But here in Staten Island, many older properties have poor insulation, and some have no insulation at all. As siding contractors in Staten Island, we make sure to replace insulation when we install new siding, and many of the homeowners that contact us are requesting new siding specifically because they need better energy efficiency and sound proofing.

But, without taking out the walls of your property, how do you know that you’re in need of insulation?

Tips for Recognizing Insulation Issues On Your Property

The best way to know if you have poor insulation is to check. Our team at Christian Construction can typically tell if your property is under-insulated, or if you have other energy efficiency issues that may require repair. But you can also get a hint of this yourself by paying attention to the following:

  • Rapidly Fluctuating Temperature – There are many issues on a property that can lead to interior temperatures fluctuating quickly, such as old windows (don’t forget to ask us about window replacement) and leaks in your siding. But insulation is also a common cause. One sign that it might be your insulation is if your property feels like it has very different temperatures from room to room. If some rooms are hot, but others are cold, insulation may be the issue.
  • Cold Walls/Floors to the Touch – If you’re running your heater in the winter, put your hand on the walls. If the walls still feel cold even while the rest of the room feels warm, that is often a sign that your wall are lacking proper insulation.
  • Pests – Rats and mice frequently move into walls, with or without insulation. But the less insulation you have, the more freedom of movement they have and the more they’ll spread and take space all throughout your property. Pay attention to signs of pests, which may show that you need new insulation, new siding, or both.
  • Poor Sound Proofing – Insulation is more about energy efficiency than it is about noise, but noise has to travel through insulation too. If you yell inside your home and everyone can hear you on the outside, that may be a sign that insulation on your property could be improved.

Also, pay attention to your energy bills. If they’re higher than your neighbors, or they’re much more than you expected, insulation can be one of many issues to blame. As energy prices increase, better insulation, better siding, new windows, and other energy efficiency improvements can typically provide a boost that your property needs to save money and improve its appearance.

Contact Christian Construction for Insulation and Siding Services

New insulation is often a great choice for properties all throughout Staten Island and NYC, especially those that were built or renovated prior to high quality insulation becoming the norm. If you want to have warmer winters and cooler summers, with a property that won’t leak energy, contact Christian Construction today.


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