How Important Are Windows for an Energy Efficient Home?

How Important Are Windows for an Energy Efficient Home?

How Important Are Windows for an Energy Efficient Home? 1920 1280 Chris Q.

Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important. As the cost of energy continues to increase and the weather keeps getting hotter and hotter, it becomes critical for homeowners to look at their properties and try to find solutions that improve comfort and reduce their energy bills.

Energy efficiency – which is a term that describes how much energy (electricity and gas) is needed to maintain a comfortable home – is based on a lot of different factors, from the thickness of your walls to the color of your paint. But one of the main culprits for a poorly energy efficient home is your windows.

As a window contractor in Staten Island, many of our customers contact us interested in the idea of improving energy efficiency by replacing their windows. But how big of a difference is it, really?

The answer is: Very.

Every property is different. A large property with very few windows is not going to see the same energy efficiency benefit as a small property with a lot of windows. Total surface area of the windows matters, as does the age of the windows, whether they are currently single pane or double pane, whether they face the sun, and a lot more.

But in homes with large windows, especially single pane windows, the energy savings can be considerable. It is estimated that replacing old, single pane windows with new construction or retrofit can reduce your total energy usage by as much as 30 to 40%. That is an incredible amount of energy saved. In addition, these new windows can:

  • Decrease the load on your HVAC – Since your home will retain energy better, your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard, which will help it last longer and stay more efficient.
  • Reduce the Need to Open Windows – Opening windows can cool your home, but also make it less energy efficient. By maintaining heat, you are able keep your windows closed, reduce energy loss, and feel more comfortable.
  • Stops Leaks – Replacing windows can save a lot of energy. But it’s also the installation process that helps. During installation, air leaks are sealed, which prevents even more energy loss in the future.

Windows are not magic. If your home has other energy efficiency issues, such as old siding with no insulation, or an attic that isn’t insulated, or black paint, then you’re going to find that your windows do not have the same impact that you otherwise hoped. But, in a general sense, new windows can save an incredible amount of energy – and they have the benefit of looking more beautiful, reducing sound, and improving the value of your property.

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