How New Siding Improves Energy Efficiency and Saves You Money

How New Siding Improves Energy Efficiency and Saves You Money

How New Siding Improves Energy Efficiency and Saves You Money 150 150 Chris Q.

Your property’s value is directly tied to its appearance, and its appearance starts the moment someone sees your property from the curb. While there are many different factors that go into your curb appeal, your siding is one of the most prominent. It’s why many people update their siding specifically for aesthetic reasons, in an attempt to improve the value of their home.

But there are many other benefits to updating your siding that extend beyond its appearance. One of these benefits is energy efficiency, as new siding has the potential to save you potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars on your energy bills.

What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is how well your home uses its energy – specifically, your property’s ability to maintain its temperature in the summer and winter months. Homes that struggle with energy efficiency tend to get too hot (or too cold, depending on the season), and require you to use your HVAC system longer. That means less comfort and higher energy bills.

How Does Siding Effect Energy Efficiency?

Your siding is the barrier between the comfortable temperature inside of your property and the unwanted temperature outside. In summer, when it’s hot outside, that heat hits your siding and transfers into your property, warming it. If your property has poor energy efficiency, it will heat up your home faster, and cause you to run your AC longer – increasing your energy bills.

Many of the property’s here in Staten Island were built 50, 75, even 100 years ago. Back then, siding wasn’t expected to be as energy efficient, and there were fewer requirements for insulation (an additional barrier inside of the siding that prevents energy and sound transfer). That means our homes here in Staten Island tend to have siding that is not very energy efficient.

Upgrading your siding has the potential to dramatically improve energy efficiency. Benefits depend on the age of your siding and how it is maintained, but some of the benefits include:

  • More Energy Efficient Materials – Many of the types of siding we use today are naturally more energy efficient than the siding materials of the previous decades.
  • More Insulation – During new siding installation, we are able to install new insulation that provides far greater protection against energy loss.
  • Fewer Leaks – Older homes naturally start to develop air leaks. Those air leaks can cause rapid energy loss. New siding reduces these leaks.

Siding can have many benefits for your home. It can protect against pests. It can eliminate mold. It can change your property’s appearance. But its benefits for energy efficiency are especially beneficial, because a more energy efficient home is one with lower energy bills, and one that is more comfortable all throughout the year.

If you’d like to learn more about our siding installation services in Staten Island, contact Christian Construction, today.


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