NYC Roof Repair – No Job Too Large or Too Small

NYC Roof Repair – No Job Too Large or Too Small

NYC Roof Repair – No Job Too Large or Too Small 150 150 Chris Q.

Christian Construction is a different type of Staten Island roofing company. We believe that every person – no matter the size of their property or the problems with their roof – deserves access to the best quality care and the best possible support. That’s why we encourage homeowners to call us any time they suspect there is a roofing issue, even if it is as little as a single nail.

Why Do We Offer This Support?

Lots of roofing companies only do roofs. They need big jobs to survive, and take only big projects with the goal of making as much as they can on each installation.

Here at Christian Construction, we do it all. We do roofing, We do siding. We do gutters. We do kitchen remodels, flooring, drywall – whatever it is that you may need for your property. We also have people in-house that do all these roles, with specialists that are amazing at what they do.

That flexibility, combined with our broad range of services, makes it possible for us to take on any project – no matter how large or small – while always putting our best people on the task. If you need someone to repair a missing shingle or replace your entire roof, we don’t judge the project by its size, and will make sure that someone can come to your property right away to help you with your roofing needs.

Choose Christian Construction for All of Your Roofing and Contractor Services

At Christian Construction, we do things differently. From hiring on-staff specialists for different types of contractor work, to taking on any size project in NYC when it comes in, you can trust us to provide you with anything you may need in your home – from the small tasks to the large. We know you have your choice in roofing contractors in Staten Island. Let Christian Construction show you why we have become the top choice for roofing, and so much more.


  • Chris Q.

    Christian Construction is a Staten Island contractor that specializes in whole house renovations and takes on both small and large projects throughout NYC and parts of NJ. We have been in business since 1999. We offer exterior services including roofing, siding, gutter cleaning, house painting, outdoor kitchen installation, masonry, and decking. We also offer interior services including kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, interior house painting, flooring, window replacement, and more. We have a on-staff team of dozens of employees that each have their own specialties, and are happy to take on even the smallest of projects to support you with your residential or commercial property needs. You can contact us at 718-447-6475 at any time for a no-obligation quote.

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