How to Find Inspiration and Design for Your Kitchen Renovation

How to Find Inspiration and Design for Your Kitchen Renovation

How to Find Inspiration and Design for Your Kitchen Renovation 2560 1709 admin

There are some people that are born with that natural vision for how they want their property to look. They buy a home, look at a room – like their kitchen – and immediately know how they want it to look and what they’d like it to have to be functional and stylish for their needs.

But most people are not experts in kitchen remodeling. Most people look at their kitchen and *know* they need it redone, but do not necessarily have any ideas for the design or layout. They recognize that they need to renovate a kitchen, but not necessarily how to do it.

“Pulling a kitchen together when here are so many components can be an overwhelming process for a homeowner,” says Anika Tarasiewicz, an interior decorator in Staten Island and owner of Craft by Anika, “Everyone wants a kitchen that is, as I call it, ‘beautifully functional,’ all while trying to find a balance with style, form, function, and budget, since renovating a kitchen comes with a hefty price tag.”

At Christian Construction, our goal is to help figure out the best design to match your style, and guide you through determining layout and functionality, but we do still need your input. You are the one that will be using the kitchen for the next 30+ years, and so it will be important to really think about how you realistically plan to use your kitchen in the short and long term.

Questions to Ask to Inspire Your Dream Kitchen

We’ll work with you on things like countertop styles, cabinet design, color, and more, and do our best to get to know you so that we can make sure your kitchen remodel exceeds your expectations. But we also want you to be satisfied not only now, but 5 years from now, when your kitchen is no longer new but you’re still cooking in it every day.

To do that, Anika recommends asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you love to cook? How important are the types of appliances you choose for your cooking requirements in your kitchen? 
  • Which type of countertops should I opt for: low-maintenance or luxurious countertops that need some upkeep?
  • What type of cabinetry is suitable for my needs? What are some of the cabinetry features that would help make my kitchen more efficient? 
  • How will the flooring and backsplash pull together with my countertops and cabinetry? Is it cohesive?

You will want to be realistic about your answers. For example, if you’re someone that doesn’t enjoy cooking, it is probably best not to design a kitchen around that enjoyment. If you’re someone that cooks often, you may want to consider features (such as multiple sinks, larger cooking areas, cabinetry that does not impede your cooking space, etc.) that allows you that freedom.

The size and age of your family, the types of foods you eat, the cultures of your cuisines (for example, if you have a family of different cultures, you may want to organize foods in different spaces) – these are all factors that may affect layout and style of the kitchen renovation. Careful consideration of all these different factors will be what helps you find a kitchen that you will love for a lifetime.

While it is not necessarily an easy process, it can be a fun one, and the more you think on your design and work with Christian Construction on its style, the more you’ll end up with a kitchen that you will truly love in the months and years to come.