Preparing for Fall and Winter Weather in NYC from a Contractor’s Perspective

Preparing for Fall and Winter Weather in NYC from a Contractor’s Perspective

Preparing for Fall and Winter Weather in NYC from a Contractor’s Perspective 2560 1707 admin

It’s already been a wild, unusual weather year for us here in New York City. We’ve had unexpected pouring rain, hot sun, cold days, hot days, wind, and so much more, all rapidly changing. This has been one of the strangest weather systems we’ve had in a while, and it’s only likely to get worse.

It’s a good idea to take some time to prepare for the coming colder months. There is a good chance we’re going to have a lot of wind, snow, and rain, and how you prepare your property now is going to affect how your property responds to these issues in the future.

Staten Island Winter Preparation

Part of preparing for winter is simply making sure that you’re completing the standard maintenance tasks that you should be completing every year. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Gutter Cleaning – It’s already been raining and windy, and now that fall is upon us, our trees are starting to drop their leaves and causing our gutters to fill. Cleaning your gutter now is the best way to make sure that you are prepared for the rain AND the snow, because the weight of snow and ice can ruin gutters if too much water gets stuck inside.
  • Roof Cleaning and Inspection – Similarly, cleaning your roof can both prevent debris from getting stuck in your gutter in the future and prevent unexpected roofing issues from occurring with the rain or snow. Leaves, for example, trap in moisture, which can freeze and cause significant excess weight on your property. Roof cleaning can also be combined with roof inspections, to aid in finding leaks before they become more serious problems.
  • Insulation Repair and Upgrades – It can get very cold in Staten Island, and your HVAC is going to be working overtime to try to keep your home warm. Insulation repair and upgrades can help you make sure that your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard and that your property is able to remain warm and comfortable no matter how cold it gets.
  • Chimney Repairs – If you’re someone that uses their chimney to keep warm, especially over the holidays and when it’s raining, then you need to make sure it’s working properly. That might mean that you need chimney repairs, which are typically a masonry job that makes sure you can light a fire safely.
  • Caulking, Siding, and Window Repair – Your siding and windows can develop leaks the older that they get. This may mean that they need to be repaired, caulked, and/or sealed, to prevent cold air and rain from getting into your property. Sealing any leaks can make sure that your property experiences less moisture and cold air as it rains.

A lot of the work we do takes place inside of a property, which is why winter is a great time to schedule internal upgrades and renovations – such as a kitchen remodel. But it’s going to be cold and raining often here in NYC, and the more prepared your property is, the better it will perform when the weather gets rough. Contact Christian Construction today to schedule any of these services and upgrades.