Masonry has Always Been Good for the Environment

Masonry has Always Been Good for the Environment

Masonry has Always Been Good for the Environment 2560 1707 admin

Protecting the Planet Brick by Brick

Brick, concrete, and other masonry crafts have been around much longer than many of the modern trends of environmentally friendly and sustainable construction options. For those who have worked in masonry for some time though, it is well known that our products have always been considered green building materials.

We understand that when you are looking to select the materials for your current construction project, concrete or brick can sometimes be viewed as less “natural” than wood or less “cutting-edge” than forms of metal, when in fact both still set the standard for durable and sustainable building options.

The Sustainability of Masonry

If you are looking to protect the planet while you build your property, masonry has many inherent qualities that can contribute to an eco-friendly build that will save you money now and much later as well. Some of these include:

  • High Thermal Mass – Concrete and brick have the ability to absorb and store an incredible amount of heat. 50% more than wood and almost double that of metal, this high thermal mass allows masonry to store high temperatures and naturally keep spaces better conditioned. This benefit can help your property save on energy efficiency for years to come.
  • Naturally Recyclable – Brick, concrete, and stone can all be reused under most building codes, though it is important to gauge the corrosion of each material before reuse. By crushing them into a fine powder, a mason is also able to utilize older, broken materials for filling gaps behind retaining walls, ground coverage where necessary, and even as a combining agent in new concrete.
  • Longevity and Durability – The lifespan of brick and stone is estimated to be roughly 100 years, and this is considered quite conservative considering the age of structures like aqueducts and colosseums which can be over 1,000 years old. When a material is that durable for that long, we are absolutely dealing with an eco-friendly product. Replacement becomes an afterthought unless actual damage occurs.
  • Water Safe and Efficient – When you are landscaping your property, it can be important to keep in mind where your water is coming from and where it is going. With brick or concrete paving, water is still allowed to seep down into the soil. This can allow your property to enjoy fertile ground from ample rainwater without sacrificing whatever aesthetic that your construction project may be going for.

Environmentally friendly masonry can save your construction project a lot of money up front and in the long term.  With cost-effective choices coming from both the energy conservation you will see over time, as well as the durable materials that will outlast most of us, brick, stone, and concrete can be just as a good a choice for you as it can be for the planet.

You can see Christian Construction’s eco-friendly masonry all over New York City, though we have a special connection with the properties around Staten Island. We have worked with thousands of homeowners on their brick and stone properties, creating sustainable walkways, chimneys, retaining walls, and more that will last for decades to come. So, whether you know you saw one of our projects or not, you can trust the positive impact Christian Construction’s masonry has had on the environment.