How Did Your Roof Hold Up in the Rain?

How Did Your Roof Hold Up in the Rain?

How Did Your Roof Hold Up in the Rain? 2560 1706 admin

It’s been pouring almost every day here on Staten Island, and when it’s not pouring, it’s freezing. Every winter, our roofing takes a ton of abuse, but this year was definitely one of the worst ones. It’s February and it’s still dropping in the 30 degree range, and next week we’re expecting more extremely high winds. This is when our roofing takes it the worst.

Which is why it there is essentially no time to avoid having someone come and clean and inspect your roof and gutters. The longer you wait, the longer and faster your risks will occur.

Roof Inspections and Roof Cleaning – Evaluating The State of Your Roof

One of the issues with roofing is that the problems start very small – sometimes unnoticeable to those that do not work in the roofing world – and then quickly become serious, expensive challenges that require extensive repairs or replacement. There are often warning signs that can last for years that go unnoticed if you are not used to inspecting roofs.

Those issues typically start during times like these – when heavy winds, heavy rains, and freezing weather do immediate damage to your roof. It’s only after evaluating it completely that we can find these issues and address them accordingly.

We can do this with a roof cleaning and inspection.

Debris has likely built up on your roof from all the rain and wind. The earlier it is cleaned off, the better. If you want to wait until after the winds have died down, that is fine, but often there is no harm getting a roof cleaning a little early in order to reduce the friction that will occur when it is windy and rainy again.

Then during the cleaning, we’ll be up there to look at the state of the shingles or tiles. Because they’ll be clean, it will be easier to see the entirety of the roof and make sure that no spaces are missed. We can also clean gutters while we’re up there, giving us further insight into both the roof AND the gutters, which also take considerable damage this time fo year.

Have You Put Off Your Roof?

Most of us, even those of us that work in roofing, put off thinking about our roof. It’s so easy to forget about it when it’s working properly, since the best possible roof is one that doesn’t require much thought or upkeep.

But you should make sure that you’re giving it its full attention, and you definitely should consider doing so after weather like this. This is when your roof is most likely to get damaged, and it helps to have a roof contractor that can address it. Learn more by contacting Christian Construction, today.