Customer Story: Gutter Cleaning and Mosquitoes

Customer Story: Gutter Cleaning and Mosquitoes

Customer Story: Gutter Cleaning and Mosquitoes 2560 1919 admin

Christian Construction provides gutter cleaning as part of its wide range of contractor services. We wanted to share a customer experience that they were having before they called us for help. Here’s what they sent over:

“I’ve been having a really hard time with mosquitoes. I walk outside and they swarm me. That’s not that weird for Staten Island, but what is weird is that I have treated for them everywhere. I have a pest control guy that comes and sprays all over my property. I have gotten rid of any standing water I could find. Doesn’t matter. They keep biting. I asked my neighbors and they’re not having this same problem, so I know the mosquitoes aren’t coming from their house. The only idea I have is maybe they’re coming from the roof or gutters somehow. I need them cleaned anyway, so please come take a look.”

So we scheduled their gutter cleaning and went to work on the roof. We could quickly tell that they were 100% right. The issue was the gutters.

Mosquitoes look for water that doesn’t flow, known as “standing water,” and lay their eggs there. Those eggs are then born and feed as close to home as they can. When we got on the roof and looked at the gutters, they were so clogged with leaves that water was just sitting there, turning brown. It had probably been there for months, because there was so much rain that it wasn’t evaporating fast enough.

We cleaned their gutters completely so that all the leaves and debris were gone and water could flow out. We made sure they were completely wiped down, and we checked the rest of the roof just in case to see if there were any more signs of puddling (there wasn’t – everything else was fine).

Once we called them a week later, they confirmed that the problem was gone. The mosquitoes were either dead or left, because even though there was still rain, there was nowhere left for it to pool.

Taking care of your house isn’t just about reducing the cost of repairs in the future. Sometimes, it’s something like pests, which are drawn towards old and aging properties. If you need someone to clean your gutter, contact Christian Construction, today.