Bocce Ball Court Installation in NYC – Is It For You?

Bocce Ball Court Installation in NYC – Is It For You?

Bocce Ball Court Installation in NYC – Is It For You? 2560 1700 admin

We’re all looking for ways to make our space more interesting, especially our landscape. Even a well manicured, planned landscape can feel a bit boring, as “lawn” is not exactly something that captures the eye or creates a more interesting functional space.

One way that some homeowners choose to enhance their landscape is with the installation of something they can use or play – something that can make entertaining more fun and the space more interesting. An example of this is the installation of a bocce ball court.

What is Bocce Ball?

Bocce ball is a lawn bowling game originating from ancient Rome, played with eight large balls and one smaller target ball called the “pallino” or “jack.”

The pallino is first thrown to one side of the bocce ball court, and the game’s objective is to roll the bocce balls as close as possible to the pallino. The person that is closest gets points, with you and your opponent taking turns.

Bocce ball is typically played outdoors. It can be played on natural soil and grass, or it can be played on artificial materials like artificial grass, concrete, and more. To create a set court, protect the edges, and keep the bocce ball inside a set space, it also usually has a concrete or wood edges.

Why Should NYC Homeowners Consider a Bocce Ball Court?

Not every home can fit a bocce ball court. The standard dimensions of this game are 90 feet by 13 feet (though some courts are 60 feet or less). That does require a decent sized backyard, and is likely not gong to fit in smaller backyards or backyards that are already using some of the space.

But your backyard doesn’t have to be enormous to fit this type of court. Many backyards here on Staten Island are large enough for a bocce ball court, or at least an abbreviated one, provided the backyard or side yard has at least 60 feet of uninterrupted space.

New Yorkers are always in need of more fun things to do at home, as most of us spend a ton of time going out. When friends are over, we also need a way to entertain them and the kids that doesn’t always rely on drinks or conversation.

Bocce ball is not the only way to do this, but it is a very effective one, and it is the type of game that acts as an equalizer where skill levels do not really matter and everyone can have a good time. Bocce ball courts are also relatively easy to maintain, and – when properly installed – last forever.

Enhancing Your Property with Functional Space

There are many ways to create a space that is functional, improves your property value, and makes your landscape stand out. Bocce ball courts are not the only option, but they are a highly prized one, and while the game may not be as common here as it is in places like Italy, those that want to make their backyard more interesting should consider bocce ball courts as a way to enhance their property’s appeal.

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