Popular Concrete Paver Shapes

Popular Concrete Paver Shapes

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Christian Construction in Staten Island specializes in masonry. We have an amazing team of masonry specialists that can provide you with concrete pavers for your walkway, patio, or other outdoor design needs. We are more than happy to provide you with insight and ideas to help you determine the concrete designs that are best for your landscape.

What are the Most Popular Paver Shapes?

Pavers come in essentially any shape, which means that – if you shop around – you are theoretically able to find paver stones that match any design you can dream up. But some are going to be much more common than others. The shapes that are most frequently popular, and the ones used by most homeowners, include:

  • Rectangle – Classic and versatile, rectangular concrete pavers offer a clean and traditional look.
  • Square – Simple and timeless, square concrete pavers provide a modern and symmetrical aesthetic.
  • Interlocking – Designed to fit together like puzzle pieces, interlocking concrete pavers create a visually appealing and sturdy surface.
  • Hexagon – Unique and eye-catching, hexagonal concrete pavers add a geometric flair to any design.
  • Cobblestone – Mimicking the charm of old-world cobblestone streets, cobblestone-shaped concrete pavers offer a rustic and textured appearance.
  • Brick – Resembling traditional brick, brick-shaped concrete pavers deliver a classic and warm look to outdoor spaces.
  • Octagon – Geometrically interesting, octagonal concrete pavers add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to paved areas.
  • Fan – Fan-shaped concrete pavers create an attractive and decorative pattern, ideal for accentuating focal points or creating visual interest.
  • Irregular – Organic and natural-looking, irregular-shaped concrete pavers offer a more random and rustic aesthetic.
  • Diamond – Featuring a diamond-shaped design, diamond concrete pavers bring a contemporary and sophisticated element to paved surfaces.

It is generally best – but not always required – to use paver stones that fit into some type of pattern. This is what can draw the eye to the stones, helping to make the space look professionally completed. But it is also possible to mix and match shapes, use irregular shapes, and possibly come up with cool and interesting ideas that make your landscape even more unique.

If you need help picking paver stones, or you’d like a professional contractor to come and help you install them, contact Christian Construction, today.