How Long Does Window Installation Take and Will You Be Without Windows?

How Long Does Window Installation Take and Will You Be Without Windows?

How Long Does Window Installation Take and Will You Be Without Windows? 150 150 admin

Right now, at the time of this writing, there is a rain storm in Staten Island complete with thunder and lightning. In a few weeks, it is likely that we’re going to be experiencing significant heat that tends to come in June/July every year. In both of these situations, the idea of being without windows can be extremely unpleasant – especially if you have a family.

If you’re looking to replace your windows, it is natural to wonder whether or not window replacement may take a long time, especially since you likely do not want to be without windows for very long.

Does Window Installation Take a Long Time?

The good news is that, barring an emergency, you will not be without your windows for long. When our installers start on a window, they will continue to work on that one window until they complete it, and only after they complete the window will they start on the next window. If they start on a window, they will also usually continue to install that window until they are done, even if it that means working a bit extra.

There have been emergencies that have come up that have caused a window to be unfinished, but these situations are incredibly rare. If you are getting your windows installed, you can assume that you will never be without a window overnight.

But, the answer to how long it takes to replace a window, is a bit more complicated.

Retrofit vs New Construction Windows

Windows come in two styles. One is called “Replacement Windows” which we often refer to as “Retrofit” for simplicity. The other is called “Full Frame Windows” but may be referred to as “New Construction.” Retrofit windows are windows where a new window is placed directly into the existing window frame. The amount of labor involved is much less, as the window is simply placed in the frame and sealed around it. Sometimes we can get as many as 10 to 15 windows installed in a day with retrofit, though this depends on the size of the window and its location.

Full frame windows involve significantly more labor, although many people prefer the results. With full frame windows, the entire window is reframed in the space, with drywall and new siding placed around it to essentially rebuild it into the property as if it was brand new (hence the phrase “new construction.” This process takes much longer, and we may only be able to complete 2 or 3 windows a day (depending on how big our team is and the size and location of the window).

But, once again, you won’t be without a window for long, nor are we going to leave until the window is completed. As far as your experience with window installation, you should never be without a window for more than 30 minutes at any given time.

Window Installation and Life Disruption

During the actual installation, there will be a brief period when the old window has been removed and the new window has not yet been installed. This process is typically quick, minimizing the time your home is exposed to the elements. Installers usually work room by room or window by window, ensuring that not all windows are out simultaneously. This approach helps maintain your home’s security and comfort throughout the installation day.

If you need windows installed, you do not need to worry about life disruptions. We will make sure that there is minimal time, if any, where your windows are not covered. If you’d like to learn more about our window installation services in Staten Island, please contact Christian Construction, today.