Types of Property Upgrades that Improve Indoor Air Quality

Types of Property Upgrades that Improve Indoor Air Quality

Types of Property Upgrades that Improve Indoor Air Quality 2560 1707 admin

Staten Island is not known for its air quality. Though we don’t have the fires of states like California causing smoke to fill up our homes, New York City – and by extension Staten Island – is considered fairly moderately polluted. We also have allergens that pop up like much of the rest of the region and, depending on where you live in Staten Island, we can have smells and other contaminants too.

Most people do property upgrades in order to improve their home’s appearance. But, if you need extra motivation or you’ve found that the air in your home is triggering asthma or allergies, you may want to consider any of the following upgrades:

  • Air Sealing – Start with air sealing. This relatively simple process can help eliminate air flow around doors, windows, roofing cracks, and other areas that allow air to get in and out.
  • Window/Glass Door Installation – Older window frames will start to have drafts and leaks over time. New windows can have a profound effect on reducing these air leaks.
  • Flooring – In addition to allergens and pollution, you also have to worry about Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. These toxins can come from many places, including vinyl floors. Replace with hardwood or tile for much fewer VOC leaks.
  • Mold Removal – Homes that have mold are going to experience property damage and poor indoor air quality. Eliminate all moldy items for better indoor air quality.
  • Ventilation Fan – Exhaust fans installed in bathrooms and places with high moisture content can also help improve indoor air quality by reducing the risk of mold, eliminating carbon monoxide and smoke from gas stoves, and more.
  • Replace the Roof and Siding – Much older roofs and siding are more prone to air leaks, which allow not only poor air quality, but pests as well. Cockroaches, for example, shed skin and oils that can cause asthma attacks and allergies. Replacing these can provide a noticeable improvement.

Indoor air quality can also be affected by your HVAC, so make sure that your HVAC and ductwork has been checked as well.

Additional Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Changes

In addition to these indoor air quality benefits, almost all of these property upgrades also improve energy efficiency. This means your home will be warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and less dependent on your HVAC. You will save money and be more comfortable in the process.

Most people are not going to redo their home just for better indoor air quality. But if your air quality is poor, and you were already considering an upgrade, indoor air quality represents another benefit of this commitment.